[imp] email sort order issues

EB horde at rnet-tech.com
Sun Sep 12 17:08:25 PDT 2004

using the latest head.

Currently, my mail sorts by message number when I open IMP's inbox.  If I change
the sort order to somthing else (by selecting the column heading), and then
select a different page, it returns to the default sort order rather then the
one I have selected.  So for example, if I have 5 pages sorted by # and then
choose the From column, and then choose ->, I get page 2 of the inbox as if it
was sorted by # again.

I suspect that IMP should use the last sort order I have selected rather then
the option saved in preferences, when I change pages.  What can I do so that
the IMP uses the selected sort order when changing pages of the inbox?



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