[imp] Will IMAP be supported again?

Chris H. fbsd at 1command.com
Wed Apr 26 07:00:14 PDT 2006

Hello, and thank you for your attention.
I just "took the plunge" and upgraded from (patched) 3.09 to
3.11. As I used MySQL, I backed up the Horde database and then
dropped it. I then backed up the horde folder to horde.old and
deleted the original horde folder. I then installed horde 3.11,
I then went to test the new installation by starting a fresh
setup (no imports from the old settings/ database). I walked
through all the steps and made all the changes that would
corospond with my previous settings. Unfortunately I ran into
quite a few problems. I should preface this by indicating that
I checked imp/config/servers.php prior to any attempts to login
to the mail server, and insured that all settings were correct
(same as in last (v.3.09) working settings). I cannot login
to imp under any circumstances. I am using imap-uw as provided
with FreeBSD-5.4. The maillog provides this with imaps attempts:
Command stream end of file, while reading line user=??? 
host=localhost.domain.tld []

(domain name has been masked out to protect the innocent/ guilty) ;)

So I made another attempt with imap and the maillog provided:
Logout user=??? host=localhost.domain.tld []

(again, domain name has been masked out to protect the innocent/ guilty) ;)

So it would appear that horde/ imp is not passing the user/ pass
correctly (at all?) to the IMAP server. Has horde dropped support for
IMAP? I have spent about a week working on this and the only reference
I was able to find, was in the FAQ that comes with my copy of imap-uw.
It implicates Horde as bing the culprit:
7.18 What do the syslog messages:
Command stream end of file, while reading line user=... host=...
Command stream end of file, while reading char user=... host=...
Command stream end of file, while writing text user=... host=...
    This message occurs when the session is disconnected without a 
proper LOGOUT (IMAP) or QUIT (POP) command being received by the server 
    In many cases, this is perfectly normal; many client 
implementations are impolite and do this. Some programmers think this 
sort of rudeness is "more efficient".
    The condition could, however, indicate a client or network 
connectivity problem. The server has no way of knowing whether there's 
a problem or just a rude client, so it issues this message instead of a 
    Certain inferior losing clients disconnect abruptly after a failed 
login, and instead of saying that the login failed, just say that they 
can't access the mailbox. They then complain to the system manager, who 
looks in the syslog and finds this message. Not very helpful, eh? See 
the answer to the Why can't I log in to the server? The user name and 
password are right! question.
    If the user isn't reporting a problem, you can probably ignore this 

Is this true? Do Is 3.11 not yet fully (IMAP) functional yet? Has anyone
had this trouble? Is there a cure, or is 3.09 a better choice?

Thank you for all your time and consideration.

--Chris H.

Shameless self-promotion follows...
... or does it?

FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p12 (SMP - 900x2) Tue Mar 7 19:37:23 PST 2006

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