[imp] Will IMAP be supported again? [RESOLVED]

Chris H. fbsd at 1command.com
Thu Apr 27 07:48:36 PDT 2006

The slowness (I suspect) is the long routine of parsing the
entire namespace. Though I frequently recieve failures in the horde
log indicationg lost sessions. So I'm not sure that there aren't
other problems with the IMP/Horde code with the session management.
I'm using an identical setup to the 3.09 install. So there aren't
any other variables other than the IMP/Horde code and (perhaps)
some subtle differences in UW-IMAP. But nothing significant there.

I'm looking to change to a different IMAP server (Dovecot, Cyrus,
or some other). In hopes to see an improvement in speed and
performance - configurability too. :)

As far as the fix; it's a BSDism; I've been using UW-IMAP on BSD
for years now and have known about it all this time. I have the
correct modifications in the global make files on all 30 servers.
But the last cvsup clobbered it, and I didn't catch it. Basically,
it is a matter of passing (for ports 143 *and* 995) 
to the make proccess and passing (for port 995 *only*) WITH_SSL=  yes
to the make proccess. The same is true for the client(s).

BTW, what on earth made you think you (or anyone) needed the params
in the server.php file to resolve the issue I was having? I had
already indicated that I was using the same (already working)
settings from my previous 3.09 install. Anyway, I just thought that
was a bit odd.

--Chris H.

Quoting Eric Jon Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu>:

> Quoting "Chris H." <fbsd at 1command.com>:
>> I was able to resolve the inability to authenticate against the
>> imaps server. But life is *alot* slower on horde-3.11 and IMP-4.1
>> than it was on horde-3.09. Alot slower.
> How did you solve it?  And in what way is it slower?  Is the slowness
> consistent, or does it appear at login and every 3-4 minutes after
> login, or?
> -- 
> Eric Rostetter
> The Department of Physics
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Go Longhorns!
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... or does it?

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