[imp] IMAP recommendations anyone?

Eric Jon Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Thu Apr 27 07:49:08 PDT 2006

Quoting "Chris H." <fbsd at 1command.com>:

> Anyway, now that everything is working, it is about 5-7 times slower than
> the 3.09 install was.

Could be for a variety of reasons...

> So, as I am quite sure it is IMAP server related:

How are you sure of that?

> more precicely; UW-IMAP related, I was was hoping to solicit some
> recommendations/ experiences from everyone on the list. I've enjoyed

I use the latest CVS RELENG code with UW-IMAP with no performance problems.

If you do want to change to a faster IMAP server, dovecot is the fastest
with UW-IMAP style mbox folders.  Otherwise, if you want to convert to
Maildir format mailboxes, just about anything will be faster than UW-IMAP.

But there should be no reason to move off UW-IMAP *IF* it was fast enough
before, as it should still be about as fast as before.

> UW-IMAP all these years because it has been well supported and I'm familiar
> with it's many quirks. But as time goes by, it becomes increasingly
> difficult to configure (HACK the source) it. So I am hoping that those
> whom are familiar with the other implimentations of IMAP servers (Cyrus,
> Dovecot, etc...) might share their experiences with them here. The output

There is not really a reason you should have to switch from UW-IMAP. If
you do, any of the major ones should work.

Personally I'm waiting for dovecot 1.0 to be officially released, and
I'll switch from UW-IMAP to that at that time.  I'll probably make the
switch early this summer (June-ish).

> would also make a great contribution to IMP/ Horde documentation. :)

It is all highly opinionated, and wouldn't be of a lot of help really.
Just leads to "religious" wars...

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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