[imp] ldap adressbook in imp search solved

alois blasbichler alois.blasbichler at sb-brixen.it
Thu Aug 21 09:43:29 UTC 2008

>> But i cant change this with the preferenc-settings prefs.php in  
>> turba and imp.
>> And it is not nice to say to every user he have to change this settings.
>> Maybe somebody can help me.
> IIRC you need to change prefs.php and probably lock it before the  
> user logs in and sets their prefs.  The other solution would be to  
> do the above and then erase the prefs.


Thank you for the answer - the trick was to set members to "nothing"   
in imp/config/pref.php :

$prefGroups['addressbooks'] = array(
     'column' => _("Other Options"),
     'label' => _("Address Books"),
     'desc' => _("Select address book sources for addig and searching  
for addresses."),
##    'members' => array('localldap', 'sourceselect')
     'members' => array()

Thnak you and by

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