[imp] ldap adressbook in imp search

eculp eculp at encontacto.net
Wed Aug 20 17:33:13 UTC 2008

Quoting alois blasbichler <alois.blasbichler at sb-brixen.it>:

> Hello list
> We upgradet today our horde and imp to this :
>     * Horde: 3.2.1
>     * Imp: H3 (4.2)
>     * Turba: H3 (2.2.1)
> Its works and looks very good - compliments !
> I have only one problem with our public shared adressbook in ldap : localldap
> In the search-mask of imp i dont get any results  from this adressbook.
> In the search/lists under turba i get all results.
> Now i have seen when i after loging in  enable under the settings of  
> turba and imp this localldap-adressbook  then the search workes fine  
> for this user.
> But i cant change this with the preferenc-settings prefs.php in  
> turba and imp.
> And it is not nice to say to every user he have to change this settings.
> Maybe somebody can help me.

IIRC you need to change prefs.php and probably lock it before the user  
logs in and sets their prefs.  The other solution would be to do the  
above and then erase the prefs.


> PS: i also have a default localsql-adressbook per user and this works fine
> thank you
> luis
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