[imp] Max attachment size

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at horde.org
Wed Mar 25 19:21:49 UTC 2009

Quoting Paul van der Vlis <paul at vandervlis.nl>:

> Paul van der Vlis schreef:
>> Another point I see is that the forwarded message has a size (in Horde)
>> of 24023 KB. The original message had a size of 14035 kB. Any idea what is
>> wrong?
> In the source of the original message I see this:
> --------------050304040604000904020505
> Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
>  name="10mb.bin"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-Disposition: attachment;
>  filename="10mb.bin"
> 81QM2QjCrW7jhII1TkUIYGq7tru8OIq82janvVgo5bQ+V3yxPGZk4vMBHwADm8bEU2NPrUA7
> Rdj/SWmip7jCcaW6vdr0m9AwEH4MENopgCRaFp3NgCi0LalkNAHE542Yf++HnEznlm63P5LS
> XNQbydS70+9Agg4Y03eYI5ZSuZdTVWp6WL2YcjHmxOykMkXoBtIG0IB9uac+ejTbOXaNy9KK
> yDdywbFl/5AWqwTkynS0d8vOUowpFgqDjG1yS0RC/b9j7sw7uFAqvdfsU4E3dvLh1EO8lhKz
> 5uLX8iIYE0L5HKY23UrfigyDhnmumsRAv8qjq6l6xCXEcZxVti6PopzTnM6Z3nTMgMnK1XrG
> AKUoTw0legqLlExhkulFyRcDJFRyT9/37OOMXtbjIrIbnOxJNeQRiNFChq8z7j7u+F7Tgd/W
> (...)
> In the source of the forwarded message I see this:
> --=_5i1pjokhu740
> Content-Type: text/plain;
>         charset=ISO-8859-1;
>         name="10mb.bin"
> Content-Disposition: attachment;
>         filename="10mb.bin"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> =F3T=0C=D9=08=C2=ADn=E3=84=825NE=08`j=BB=B6=BB=BC8=8A=BC=DA6=A7=BDX(=E5=B4>W=
> |=B1<fd=E2=F3=01=1F=00=03=9B=C6=C4ScO=AD@;E=D8=FFIi=A2=A7=B8=C2q=A5=BA=BD=DA=
> =F4=9B=D00=10~=0C=10=DA)=80$Z=16=9D=CD=80(=B4-=A9d4=01=C4=E7=8D=98=7F=EF=87=
> =9CL=E7=96n=B7?=92=D2\=D4=1B=C9=D4=BB=D3=EF@=82=0E=18=D3w=98#=96R=B9=97SUjzX=
> =BD=98r1=E6=C4=EC=A42E=E8=06=D2=06=D0=80}=B9=A7>z4=DB9v=8D=CB=D2=8A=C87r=C1=
> (...)
> Why is IMP using quoted-printable and not base64 ?

Don't know.  Most likely the attachment is being decoded from the  
original message, mime magic determines it is a text/plain document,  
and then when re-attached it is q-p encoded (as it should be).  True  
text/* should NEVER be base64 encoded.

The MIME/IMAP/attachment code has been completely rewritten in IMP 5  
and, regardless, the outputted message *is* valid MIME.  However, you  
really shouldn't be using 'Forward Attachments Only' - you should be  
using 'Forward Entire Message' (I am very close to removing the other  
2 options in IMP 5 completely).  And people *really* shouldn't be  
sending 10MB attachments.  I understand customers may think otherwise,  
but realize that things aren't going to work without massive resources  
in place.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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