[imp] Wrong unread messages count

Jie Gao J.Gao at isu.usyd.edu.au
Sun Mar 29 04:02:11 UTC 2009

* Victor M. Armas Hidalgo <varmas at pas.ulpgc.es> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have recently installed Horde Groupware Webmail Edition  1.2.2, which 
> includes IMP  4.3.3. I´m having a strange problem with the unread 
> messages count. I have no unread messages, an empty Trash folder and i 
> have "purged" my inbox, but IMP says that I have 217 unread messages....
> When I read my mail on Thunderbird, it says that I don´t have any unread 
> message.
> My servers works with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant 
> Update 7), with Apache 2.0.58, and PHP 4.4.2. My imap server is 
> courier-imap-4.0.4-1.4AS .
> I have been searching in Google but i haven´t found the same problem. It 
> happens in IMP and in DIMP.
> Has anybody experienced the same problem? Any idea to solve it?

I can confirm this problem, and I have been getting a lot of user
complaints about it.

I've looked at one case. When I used an old imp interface to delete/purge
one message, the count started to be correct, and then I started to use
the new interface and it seemed to be working correctly.

Possible causes:

- multiple sessions?
- mailbox corruption?



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