[imp] Imp issuing improper "SORT" command at login?

James Noyes jnoyes-horde at retrogeeks.com
Sun Feb 24 23:15:48 UTC 2019

On 2/24/19, 15:56, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
> Yes. RFC 6855 [3], and further clarified in Errata 4029:
>     Once an IMAP client has enabled UTF-8 support with the "ENABLE
>     UTF8=ACCEPT" command, it MUST NOT issue a "SEARCH" command that
>     contains a charset specification. If an IMAP server receives such a
>     "SEARCH" command in that situation, it SHOULD reject the command with
>     a "BAD" response (due to the conflicting charset labels). This also
>     applies to any IMAP command or extension that includes an optional
>     charset label and associated strings in the command arguments,
>     including the MULTISEARCH extension. For commands with a mandatory
>     charset field, such as SORT and THREAD, servers SHOULD reject charset
>     values other than UTF-8 with a “BAD” response (due to the conflicting
>     charset labels).
Ok, this clarifies that SEARCH with a charset should be rejected, but 
only SEARCH or other commands that "include an optional charset label".
SORT and THREAD do not include an *optional* charset label, they include 
a *mandatory* charset label.
The final sentence addresses SORT and THREAD specifically.  They still 
need have the charset specified (because it is still mandatory), this 
just clarifies that it shouldn't be any value other than UTF-8 and risks 
rejection/BAD if it is.

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