[imp] Imp issuing improper "SORT" command at login?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Sun Feb 24 22:56:03 UTC 2019

Quoting James Noyes <jnoyes-horde at retrogeeks.com>:

> On 2/24/19, 08:57, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>> The charset is only required if UTF-8 support is not enabled on the IMAP
>> server, and it is *prohibited* if UTF-8 is enabled on the server.
> RFC5256 seems to disagree:
> "The SORT command is a variant of SEARCH with sorting semantics for
>       the results.  There are two arguments before the searching
>       criteria argument: a parenthesized list of sort criteria, and the
>       searching charset.
>       The charset argument is mandatory (unlike SEARCH) and indicates
>       the [CHARSET] of the strings that appear in the searching
>       criteria.  The US-ASCII and [UTF-8] charsets MUST be implemented.
>       All other charsets are optional."
> Is there another RFC that supersedes this requirement, or explicitly  
> documents the prohibition you mention?

Yes. RFC 6855 [3], and further clarified in Errata 4029:

    Once an IMAP client has enabled UTF-8 support with the "ENABLE
    UTF8=ACCEPT" command, it MUST NOT issue a "SEARCH" command that
    contains a charset specification. If an IMAP server receives such a
    "SEARCH" command in that situation, it SHOULD reject the command with
    a "BAD" response (due to the conflicting charset labels). This also
    applies to any IMAP command or extension that includes an optional
    charset label and associated strings in the command arguments,
    including the MULTISEARCH extension. For commands with a mandatory
    charset field, such as SORT and THREAD, servers SHOULD reject charset
    values other than UTF-8 with a “BAD” response (due to the conflicting
    charset labels).

>> What IMAP server are you using? Since you mention this recently started
>> happening, what has been changed recently?
> Courier-imap 5.0.6.  This is why I'm curious about the SORT RFC.
> If Courier has implemented SORT incorrectly, I'll need to be able to  
> demonstrate that to the maintainer.
> I tend to "pear upgrade" horde at least weekly, but I don't recall  
> what components have recently had updates.

Nothing in Horde_Imap_Client code, or IMP itself, has changed  
regarding this for at least the last 5 years.

> Courier was updated a little more than a month ago.
> I don't recall having any issues w/ horde/imp until last night, but  
> I also don't use it daily.
>> What is the CAPABILITY response from the IMAP log?
> <n> OK CAPABILITY completed
> So UTF8 is apparently enabled.  I don't recall specifically setting  
> a configuration to enable it, so I assume this is a default behavior  
> of Courier.

My guess is that this changed with your recent cyrus update.

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