[imp] Users are getting logged out

azurit at pobox.sk azurit at pobox.sk
Mon May 20 12:35:53 UTC 2019


i would like to ask for any suggestions how to resolve my quite  
strange problem with Horde/IMP.

During the past year, several users (really not much, about 3 or 4)  
contacted us about problem with logging out from Horde/IMP. The logout  
reason is 'session expired' BUT all users are describing very similar  

  - logout can happen anytime and session, probably, didn't expired at  
all: for example, one of the affected users is SOMETIMES getting  
logout few seconds after he logged in

  - it is happening on the same account using different PCs and browsers

  - it is NOT happening to anyone, only to few users (but it is  
happening all the time for that users [for some few times per week,  
for some few times per day], i mean, it's not like it happen few times  
to sometime and than few times to someone-other, it's still same users

  - i'm NOT able to reproduce it on my PC, even when using affected accounts

  - it NEVER happen to me and i'm using our webmail daily

Nothing interesting in logs even on debug level (i just see that users  
really get logged out). Any suggestions on what is happening, how to  
debug it, how to reproduce it etc.? Thank you.


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