[imp] Users are getting logged out

azurit at pobox.sk azurit at pobox.sk
Mon May 20 13:10:58 UTC 2019

Citát Arjen de Korte <build+horde at de-korte.org>:

> Citeren azurit at pobox.sk:
>> Hi,
>> i would like to ask for any suggestions how to resolve my quite  
>> strange problem with Horde/IMP.
>> During the past year, several users (really not much, about 3 or 4)  
>> contacted us about problem with logging out from Horde/IMP. The  
>> logout reason is 'session expired' BUT all users are describing  
>> very similar things:
>> - logout can happen anytime and session, probably, didn't expired  
>> at all: for example, one of the affected users is SOMETIMES getting  
>> logout few seconds after he logged in
>> - it is happening on the same account using different PCs and browsers
>> - it is NOT happening to anyone, only to few users (but it is  
>> happening all the time for that users [for some few times per week,  
>> for some few times per day], i mean, it's not like it happen few  
>> times to sometime and than few times to someone-other, it's still  
>> same users
>> - i'm NOT able to reproduce it on my PC, even when using affected accounts
>> - it NEVER happen to me and i'm using our webmail daily
>> Nothing interesting in logs even on debug level (i just see that  
>> users really get logged out). Any suggestions on what is happening,  
>> how to debug it, how to reproduce it etc.? Thank you.
>> azur
> Is
>     $conf['auth']['checkip'] = true;
> in your horde/config/conf.php file? If so, it may be that said users  
> are on systems with short DHCP lease times and/or change IP address  
> for some reason. I've seen similar behavior when their devices  
> (apparently, for security reasons) change IP addresses frequently.  
> Setting the above value to false should fix that.

This is not the case, checkip is 'false' (and Horde will print  
different logout message in that case [and also when, for example,  
user-agent is changed]).

Any other suggestions?

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