[imp] Individual messages taking 77 seconds to open.

Joseph Mays mays at win.net
Tue May 28 16:04:10 UTC 2019

> do you see a pattern in the users who have this issue, like having a
> certain locale?

I have been trying to identify something they have in common, but thus far 
have not. One handy aspect of this issue is that *I* have the problem and 
thus can replicate it. The support person for this system, however, does not 
have the problem, and thus spent some time very confused about some calls he 
was receiving before first reporting it.

I have ruled out browser version -- have tried Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, 
all have the problem.

I have ruled out reverse dns.

Note that I am only human, and thus might have overlooked something. I would 
be happy to hear any suggestion about something that would cause this 
problem in message.php (and only message.php), even if it's something I 
thought I had ruled out.

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Hi Joseph,

Am 24.05.19 um 22:03 schrieb Joseph Mays:
> I’m working on a server that is using, in production what is admittedly a 
> very old version of horde imp. Still, the server has been there unchanged 
> for a few years. A strange problem has developed in one aspect of horde 
> imp in the last couple of months, though.
> Everything about the server is fine, except that some users (not all) are 
> having a problem when it comes to clicking on a message in the inbox and 
> opening it. Opening the message takes almost exactly (I have timed it with 
> a stopwatch many times) 77 seconds to open. Every other aspect of the 
> horde server works fine and responds immediately.
> I have tried calling the horde imp webmail interface through both ssl and 
> non ssl versions. Both have the same problem. We have a squirrelmail 
> webmail interface that works with the same imap server. It does not have 
> this problem. We have other imap interfaces that work fine. The problem is 
> just some users of the horde imp software, and specifically only with 
> calling message.php through horde.
> I have put wireshark on the browser system and watched the communication. 
> The get request for message.php is sent immediately by the server when the 
> link is clicked in the inbox. The server acks the response, but the get 
> request does not show up in the webserver logs. Then, for 77 seconds, 
> nothing apparently happens on either the client or server side (except for 
> the sidebar.php refreshes, which work fine through this whole process). 
> Then, 77 seconds later, the get request appears in the webserver log, is 
> responded to immediately, and the message appears in the browser 
> interface.
> I have been going through every timeout I can find, php.ini, ssl, the 
> horde imp configuaration, nothing makes any difference. The webserver 
> seems to be processing *something* in message.php, timing out, and then 
> going ahead and sending the message.
> At this point I would be happy to hear any ideas someone might have.
> I’ve set php to E_ALL for logging, nothing appears in the webserver access 
> or error logs beyond the http exchange.

do you see a pattern in the users who have this issue, like having a
certain locale?

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