[imp] Individual messages taking 77 seconds to open.

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue May 28 18:16:25 UTC 2019

You could use Xdebug or Blackfire to profile this script to find out  
where it's spending the time (most probably waiting).

Zitat von Joseph Mays <mays at win.net>:

>> do you see a pattern in the users who have this issue, like having a
>> certain locale?
> I have been trying to identify something they have in common, but  
> thus far have not. One handy aspect of this issue is that *I* have  
> the problem and thus can replicate it. The support person for this  
> system, however, does not have the problem, and thus spent some time  
> very confused about some calls he was receiving before first  
> reporting it.
> I have ruled out browser version -- have tried Chrome, Explorer,  
> Firefox, all have the problem.
> I have ruled out reverse dns.
> Note that I am only human, and thus might have overlooked something.  
> I would be happy to hear any suggestion about something that would  
> cause this problem in message.php (and only message.php), even if  
> it's something I thought I had ruled out.
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> Hi Joseph,
> Am 24.05.19 um 22:03 schrieb Joseph Mays:
>> I’m working on a server that is using, in production what is  
>> admittedly a very old version of horde imp. Still, the server has  
>> been there unchanged for a few years. A strange problem has  
>> developed in one aspect of horde imp in the last couple of months,  
>> though.
>> Everything about the server is fine, except that some users (not  
>> all) are having a problem when it comes to clicking on a message in  
>> the inbox and opening it. Opening the message takes almost exactly  
>> (I have timed it with a stopwatch many times) 77 seconds to open.  
>> Every other aspect of the horde server works fine and responds  
>> immediately.
>> I have tried calling the horde imp webmail interface through both  
>> ssl and non ssl versions. Both have the same problem. We have a  
>> squirrelmail webmail interface that works with the same imap  
>> server. It does not have this problem. We have other imap  
>> interfaces that work fine. The problem is just some users of the  
>> horde imp software, and specifically only with calling message.php  
>> through horde.
>> I have put wireshark on the browser system and watched the  
>> communication. The get request for message.php is sent immediately  
>> by the server when the link is clicked in the inbox. The server  
>> acks the response, but the get request does not show up in the  
>> webserver logs. Then, for 77 seconds, nothing apparently happens on  
>> either the client or server side (except for the sidebar.php  
>> refreshes, which work fine through this whole process). Then, 77  
>> seconds later, the get request appears in the webserver log, is  
>> responded to immediately, and the message appears in the browser  
>> interface.
>> I have been going through every timeout I can find, php.ini, ssl,  
>> the horde imp configuaration, nothing makes any difference. The  
>> webserver seems to be processing *something* in message.php, timing  
>> out, and then going ahead and sending the message.
>> At this point I would be happy to hear any ideas someone might have.
>> I’ve set php to E_ALL for logging, nothing appears in the webserver  
>> access or error logs beyond the http exchange.
> do you see a pattern in the users who have this issue, like having a
> certain locale?
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