[imp] problem with searches in Horde/IMP webmail

David Topping david at hypercreations.com
Tue Jun 25 14:34:43 UTC 2019

I have a vps running cPanel/WHM v80.0.18 with Horde at v5.2.22. I use  
Horde/IMP webmail almost exclusively to access several email accounts  
and use the search function multiple times a day. Up until several  
days ago, the results of a search spanned my entire Inbox (or my  
entire email account when adding "All Mailboxes" in the Advanced  
search options). Recently, my search results only show the last day or  
two of results, even though there should be MANY older results (I have  
a lot of items in my Inbox). This is happening on all mailboxes that  
I've checked, although in some cases, I'm seeing results going back up  
to 5 days, but that's still only a very small window of what would  
normally be shown (the Inbox has messages spanning almost 4 years, and  
some folders contain messages approx. 10 years old).

I checked the value in WHM > Tweak Settings for "Age, in days, of  
content to purge users’ Horde cache files" and it's "Disabled" which  
is the default.

Suggestions as to what else I should check or about what might be  
causing this are most welcome! I posted this yesterday in the cPanel  
Community Forums but there haven't yet been any responses--here's the  


David Topping
david at hypercreations.com

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