[imp] problem with searches in Horde/IMP webmail

David Topping david at hypercreations.com
Wed Jun 26 12:57:46 UTC 2019

Thanks for the response, Jens. I'm not sure what caused the problem,  
as I hadn't made any changes to the server, but I looked into Dovecot  
issues (the IMAP software on my server) and I found one related to the  
FTS (full text search indexing) that solved the problem:

doveadm fts rescan -u user at domain

I ran that for each email account that was exhibiting the problem  
(which included only one of the domains on my server) and my searches  
are back to normal.


>> Up until several days ago, the results of a search spanned my entire
>> Inbox (or my entire email account when adding "All Mailboxes" in the
>> Advanced search options). Recently, my search results only show the last
>> day or two of results, even though there should be MANY older results (I
>> have a lot of items in my Inbox). This is happening on all mailboxes
>> that I've checked, although in some cases, I'm seeing results going back
>> up to 5 days, but that's still only a very small window of what would
>> normally be shown
> What kind of IMAP server are you accessing through Horde/Imp?  Are you
> running the IMAP service or is it a server that someone else operates?
> Since this is happening only for some days, I'd think the mail server is
> the most probable cause for this, i.e. it may not be returning full
> search results.
> That is, assuming that you did not update anything Horde related recently.
> Since you mentioned that you use Horde/Imp "almost exclusively": did you
> check with another email client if searches done there return all emails
> that you would expect?  Note however, that when using e.g. Thunderbird,
> you may be getting search results generated by the client from the local
> search index and not a search result generated by the IMAP server.  When
> using the "big" search window in Thunderbird (Ctrl + Shift + F), you can
> opt for a server side search.  If that search returns too few results as
> well, you can be pretty sure it's an IMAP server thing and not a Horde
> thing.
> Jens

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