[ingo] filter activation...

Chris Scott chris@hostorlando.tv
Wed Nov 6 13:11:27 2002

Joakim Ryden wrote:

> "There was an error activating this script. The driver said: Not
> currently in TRANSACTION state"
>  From reading some other post I take it this means login to the Sieve
> server was not successful. The only way I know how to test to make sure
> I can login to the Sieve server would be using 'sieveshell' which I have
> tried and it works great - I can list/download/upload scripts to my
> heart's content... Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this??

The one thing that got me when I got this was that I had ingo configured 
to use localhost but was testing using the actual host name.  My 
firewall rules weren't set up to allow connections from but 
were from the host's IP.

Not sure if this is the problem in your case, but may be something to 
doublecheck.  Also, try telneting to the same hostname you have in your 
config. and to the sieve port to see if you can login that way just to 
make sure.

Chris Scott

> Thanks a lot!
> --Jo

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