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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Mon Dec 2 15:04:21 2002

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 Subject: interesting in ingo development
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Hi Chuck!

I'm perhaps interested in support development of ingo - at least
localization for 
German language.

I'm (at this moment) not very familiar with horde (perhaps 10%) or php
(about 25%) 
and sieve/timsieved.

Do you have some infos for me:

1. I've looked around in ingo code: importing (better: displaying) of
existing rules/sieve 
scripts isn't implementet yet? Correct?
(On my test installation the 'Rules' list stays empty, as well.)

2. Saving of new rules in 'ingo.script' on timsieved server works. But it
overrides old 
'ingo.script' without warning. Just as the 'set active' (default) technique.

3. The menu item 'Scripts' should only display the existing scripts created
from the 
other menu items, shouldn't it?
Or should it be for manipulating rule sets, perhaps even with included syntax 

4. Is the blacklist only a more simple way for creating sieve rules for this
interest? Or is it based on another unix or MTA or deliver technique?

5. Is the vacation feature based on unix' vacation or on sieve techniques?
sealed Cyrus IMAP server have no unix user accounts - therfore ther is no
for use of vacation program.)

Thank you Chuck!

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