[ingo] Fwd: interesting in ingo development

Mike Cochrane mike at graftonhall.co.nz
Sat Dec 7 01:27:19 2002

> ----- Forwarded message from hasso@meyer-jordan.de -----
> Hi Chuck!
> I'm perhaps interested in support development of ingo - at least
> localization for
> German language.
> Do you have some infos for me:
> 1. I've looked around in ingo code: importing (better: displaying) of
> existing rules/sieve
> scripts isn't implementet yet? Correct?
> (On my test installation the 'Rules' list stays empty, as well.)

As far as rules that are allready on the server, this is not planned nor very 
possible actually.

> 2. Saving of new rules in 'ingo.script' on timsieved server works. But it
> overrides old
> 'ingo.script' without warning. Just as the 'set active' (default) technique.
Yes, that's what i was intending, as ingo would be the only what the 
ingo.script should be getting edited, i figured users didn't want to know that 
there is a seperate script somewhere else that they had to worry about.

> 3. The menu item 'Scripts' should only display the existing scripts created
> from the
> other menu items, shouldn't it?
> Or should it be for manipulating rule sets, perhaps even with included syntax
> checking?
It's just a display of that the script is that would be saves if it was 
activiated. Basically it's left from me debugging when I was writting Ingo and 
wanted to see the scripts.

> 4. Is the blacklist only a more simple way for creating sieve rules for this
> special
> interest? Or is it based on another unix or MTA or deliver technique?
Just a simple way of creating a rule. nothing special :-)

> 5. Is the vacation feature based on unix' vacation or on sieve techniques?
Just using the vacation sieve extension.. everything in ingo is done with 

- Mike :-)

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