[ingo] Incorrect Script behaviour

Ahmed ashihab at alcahest.com
Mon Dec 2 23:26:27 2002


I've only recently got round to using Ingo and it works pretty well, but 
I've found 2 bugs and have a suggestion to make, please forgive lack of 
patches as I know very little php and alas have not time to learn for now.

Bug1: when selecting to black list an address from Imp the new address to 
black list appears concatenated to the previous is that right I would have 
thought a new line would aid readability.

Bug2: when selecting a move rule such as move all messages with the words 
[turba] in the subject line to a folder called lists.turba the system 
generates the correct fileinto "lists.turba" command in the script. 

but when the we try to move the file into a folder "lists.turba" which has 
a subfolder called "keep" the script generated has the action line

fileinto "";

which is clearly incorrect. This problem seems to occur with any target 
folder which itself has subfolders. I've checked the prefs table is MySQL 
which has an empty "folder" field which means we have a problem before the 
script is generated.....

Any ideas?

Suggestion: I'de like to have a free-form entry ability so I can add my own 
Sieve commands without losing the ability to enty commands unsing the rules 
and black list interfaces, is that something in the current pipeline?

Using Horde CVS (last update 23:00GMT 2.12.2002)
Apache 1.3.xx
MySQL backend
Cyrus 2.1.6


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