[ingo] Incorrect Script behaviour

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Dec 3 13:03:56 2002

Zitat von Ahmed <ashihab@alcahest.com>:

> Bug1: when selecting to black list an address from Imp the new address to
> black list appears concatenated to the previous is that right I would
> have
> thought a new line would aid readability.

I can't reproduce this. What browser/platform are you using?
> Bug2: when selecting a move rule such as move all messages with the words
> [turba] in the subject line to a folder called lists.turba the system
> generates the correct fileinto "lists.turba" command in the script.
> but when the we try to move the file into a folder "lists.turba" which
> has
> a subfolder called "keep" the script generated has the action line
> fileinto "";

I can't reproduce this either. What values do you have for 'folders' and
'namespace' in IMP's server.php? Anything special else on your system?

> Suggestion: I'de like to have a free-form entry ability so I can add my
> own
> Sieve commands without losing the ability to enty commands unsing the
> rules
> and black list interfaces, is that something in the current pipeline?

Yes, I think so. But patches are of course welcome. A start would be to have
a free form field for the header field name.


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