[ingo] Incorrect Script behaviour

Ahmed ashihab at alcahest.com
Tue Dec 3 13:39:59 2002

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org>:

> > Bug1: when selecting to black list an address from Imp the new address
> > to black list appears concatenated to the previous is that right 
> > I would have thought a new line would aid readability.
> I can't reproduce this. What browser/platform are you using?

Using IE6 on Win2K (all latest patches applied)
> > Bug2: when selecting a move rule such as move all messages with the
> > words [turba] in the subject line to a folder called lists.turba the
> I can't reproduce this either. What values do you have for 'folders' and
> 'namespace' in IMP's server.php? Anything special else on your system?
namespace => 'INBOX.',
folders => '',

nothing special other than these folders I'm move the messages to are a 
different cyrus user which I have access to and when modifying the script 
by hand it all works.

Another development is that I changed the prefs table by hand to include 
the correct folder path names in the action field and that generated the 
correct script but did not display correctly in the rules screen.
> > Suggestion: I'de like to have a free-form entry ability so I can add my
> > own Sieve commands without losing the ability to enty commands unsing
> > the rules and black list interfaces, is that something in the 
> > current pipeline?
> Yes, I think so. But patches are of course welcome. A start would be to
> have a free form field for the header field name.

I'll have a go at learning php at some point but thought I'd throw this in 


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