[ingo] Sieve/Ingo questions

Klavs Klavsen kl-ingo at vsen.dk
Thu Jan 16 09:30:33 PST 2003

Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to sieve (I usually use procmail ;) and wanted to ask a
few questions.

I think it's great with a standardized way of doing filtering, I'm just
having a few questions, that I can't seem to find an answer for.

1) How does Sieve work with filtering - can it filter mails already in
the relevant mailbox (like imp can do with it's filters)? or does it
only filter mails when they come in - like procmail/maildrop?

2) as of now, Ingo (AFAIK) can only upload sieve scripts - via ftp. Are
you working on making it work via the sieve-deamon, so one does not need
ftp for this?

3) Can I implement spam assasin in my Sieve scripts, so users can decide
if they want spamassasin parsing their emails - and where in the
filter-rules they want it.

4) in regards to vacation via Ingo - It would be great, if the vacation
filter rule, was viewable in the filter rules list, so one could just
put it at the bottom of the filter rules, and then be sure no mail that
wasn't intended for the Inbox (ie. mailinglists) won't get a vacation

Thank you in advance.

Klavs Klavsen - kl at vsen.dk - http://www.vsen.dk

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