[ingo] Sieve/Ingo questions

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jan 16 09:40:03 PST 2003

Zitat von Klavs Klavsen <kl-ingo at vsen.dk>:

> 1) How does Sieve work with filtering - can it filter mails already in
> the relevant mailbox (like imp can do with it's filters)? or does it
> only filter mails when they come in - like procmail/maildrop?

The latter.
> 2) as of now, Ingo (AFAIK) can only upload sieve scripts - via ftp. Are
> you working on making it work via the sieve-deamon, so one does not need
> ftp for this?

It does talk to the daemon.
> 3) Can I implement spam assasin in my Sieve scripts, so users can decide
> if they want spamassasin parsing their emails - and where in the
> filter-rules they want it.

Sieve and SpamAssassin are completely seperate. All you can do is to use the
header created by SpamAssassin to create a Sieve rule.
> 4) in regards to vacation via Ingo - It would be great, if the vacation
> filter rule, was viewable in the filter rules list, so one could just
> put it at the bottom of the filter rules, and then be sure no mail that
> wasn't intended for the Inbox (ie. mailinglists) won't get a vacation
> notice?

Perhaps. Patch?


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