[ingo] script generated is "false"

Florent AIDE faide at alphacent.com
Mon Feb 10 16:31:13 PST 2003

When is tell ingo I want my message put into another box and flagged as 
answered here is the resulting script: 
1: require ["imapflags", "fileinto"]; 
3: # testsieve 
4: if header :comparator "i;octet" :contains "Subject" "TESTMESSAGE"  {  
5:     addflag "\\Answered"; 
6:     fileinto "INBOX.bibu"; 
7:     removeflag "\\Answered"; 
8:     stop; 
9: } 
which flags the message as answered and ... de-flags it justs after ...! 
is this a normal comportement or a bug ? 
AIDE Florent 

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