[ingo] script.php

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang.rosenauer at an-netz.de
Mon Apr 28 19:09:11 PDT 2003

Zitat von Alexander Skwar <lists.ASkwar at email-server.info>:

> > while testing Ingo together with SIEVE I got an error while trying
> to 
> > save the script.
> > script.php calls Ingo::activateScript($backend, $script) but
> doesn't 
> It shouldn't call Ingo::activateScript($backend, $script), but
> instead
> call Ingo::activateScript($script), because the first (and only)
> parameter that activateScript knows, is the $script that is to be
> activated.  activateScript will get the $backend by itself:
>         $backend = Ingo::getBackend();
> Jan, was that the change you committed?

OK, now activateScript has only $script as parameter.
Then you have to fix line 191 in lib/Ingo.php, too ;-)


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