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Alexander Skwar lists.ASkwar at email-server.info
Mon Apr 28 19:19:01 PDT 2003

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

> OK, now activateScript has only $script as parameter.
> Then you have to fix line 191 in lib/Ingo.php, too ;-)

Yep, fix is in the thread "Can't add more than 1 rule".

BTW: It's kinda hard to debug Horde.  For some reason, when I echo
something (like debug statements), they are NOT printed.  Also this
error was covered by a header() statement.  I don't quite understand why
this happens - if an error message is printed before a header()
statement, it should override/"destroy" the header() call as there
already was output.

Any ideas about why this doesn't happen?

Alexander Skwar
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