[ingo] RELENG_1 feedback

Balazs GAL balsa at rit.bme.hu
Mon May 19 01:54:31 PDT 2003

2003-05-18, v keltezéssel Balazs GAL ezt írta:
> 2003-05-18, v keltezéssel Jan Schneider ezt írta:
> Zitat von Balazs GAL <balsa at rit.bme.hu>:
> > 
> > > The lib/Ingo.php contains a call to is_a function, I think
> > > it should be replaced with PEAR::isError.
> > 
> > Fixed in CVS.
> >
> Thanks.
> I yust backported php4 (version 4.2.3) and all related stuff from sid to
> woody but ingo doesn't work with it. If I want add a new rule it says:
> Notice: Undefined index: edit in /$horde_base/ingo/rule.php on line 22

The cvs head works nice!
Except that: 
Notice: Undefined index: temp_checks in
/var/www/webmail.in.drescher.hu/horde/ingo/lib/base.php on line 72

But seems that it works with it.

Use anybody the horde, imp etc. cvs head in a porduction environment?
It has a lot of nice new features (like imap acl, a working ingo, shared


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