[ingo] Migration of IMP filters to ingo (soon)

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Mon Jun 2 16:43:35 PDT 2003

I am getting very close to to committing the code to HEAD that will remove
all filter configuration code from IMP and transferring these
responsibilities to ingo.  So this is forewarning for those using HEAD IMP
that they will need to configure/setup ingo if they want to continue using
filters in IMP.

There will be little visible change to the end user in IMP.  The only
difference will be in the filter/blacklist/whitelist preference page which
will now be handled by ingo (or, more accurately, whatever application is
set up to handle each of these - for example, spamassassin could handle the
blacklist/whitelist and ingo could handle rules.)  And the 'apply filter'
icon, and the 'filter on refresh/login' options will still be handled by
See: http://bigworm.colorado.edu/imp/filterprefs.png

this new code promises to be much more flexible and easier to add
functionality to in the future, not to mention that IMP will now be more
fully integrated with procmail or sieve filtering (as opposed to being
locked in to simply imap client-side filtering).

To prepare for the move, I have created a script in the ingo/scripts
directory that can be used to export IMP filters into ingo.  I have tested
it with my current HEAD filter set and it seems to be working fine. 
However, it has not been tested with IMP 3.x style filters so testing will
be greatly appreciated (this script does NOT destroy your old imp filters
so it should be free to play around with).  Note that this script is only
designed to work with SQL storage based solutions - I have no idea if it
will work with LDAP at all (probably not).

Comments/concerns would be great.  The IMP code is mostly done - it is what
I am using to filter mail as we speak.  However, I am going to play around
with it for a while longer to see if I can squash most major bugs before
finally committing.

Thanks go out to Mike Cochrane for creating the ingo filtering system, Brent
Nordquist for helping me adapt ingo to non-sieve solutions, Jan for
constantly fixing "stuff" I break :), and everyone else that has helped to
develop/test ingo.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu]
The University of Colorado at Boulder

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