[ingo] How to use INGO ??

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Wed Jun 4 12:23:28 PDT 2003

Quoting Andy <andy at stronzo.d2g.com>:

| Ahh.
| > You will use 'imap' as your script entry and 'null' as your driver
| entry.
| Ahh because I did this and my backends.php looks like this:
| $backends['vfs'] = array(
|     'driver' => 'null',
|     'preferred' => 'x.y.com',
|     'script' => 'imap',
|     'hordeauth' => 'user',
|  );
| The mails targeting my filters in Ingo weren't filtered to anywhere.

That's correct - there is nothing to trigger the imap rules yet.

| So it can't work at the moment. But is planned to work with
| imap-clientside in
| the future, when IMP is updated for this, right?


| If not, is there a non-rocket-science way to get it to work with a local
| limited
| ftp-server like proftpd and no need to mess around with cyrus and sieve
| etc. or
| an explanation about the way of using vfs and sql and ftp for these
| purposes?

VFS and SQL have nothing to do with the IMAP script driver.

| One last maybe stupid question: how do I run the convert_imp_filters.php
| in Ingo/scrips (when the Imp-Code is committed ...)?

Instructions are at top of the file.  You must run it from the command line
  php convert_imp_filters.php < users.txt


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