[ingo] Re: [imp] Re: Can't get Ingo to do my filtering

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Mon Jun 16 12:15:38 PDT 2003

Quoting Eric Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu>:

| Quoting Ruben van der Steenhoven <ruben_donotspamme at webmeesters.net>:
| > I understand your problem Michael, it can be very difficult to
| reproduce
| > a problem in certain situations, but it seems (to me a least) in this
| > case, that the combination of a real-life database thats been upgraded
| > along with the head-version of horde COULD result in these problems.
| You mean a real-life development database, not a production database
| from a release version.
| > If my assumption is true this could result in major problems when
| > releasing HORDE 4.
| No, because they would be going from an older release database to the
| new one, not from an intermediate development database to the new one.
| We will have different or improved migration utilities, etc.
| > I am more than willing to work with you in resolving this issue
| > step-by-step
| What we need, at a mimium, is for the person who "upgraded" their
| database
| and it failed, and then installed a new one and it worked, to do a
| listing
| of those two databases for comparison (first just the database info like
| tables, fields, attributes, etc, and if that doesn't resolve the issue
| then maybe some select data as well.  Saying one works and one doesn't
| isn't of much use if we can't also see a comparison of the two.

Eric put this very well.  Additionally, it is quite possible that something
has changed in the DB format in the last few months, and this is what is
causing these unassigned index problems some people are seeing.  You may
very well have to nuke your all preference entries for ingo and start over
again.  Although we try as much as possible to prevent this from happening,
this _is_ development software and these kind of things _do_ happen.  From
http://horde.org/source/ :

When you check something out of CVS, by default, you get the HEAD branch.
HEAD is always the latest development code. It may be undocumented, it may
be broken, it may cause tofu to turn purple. You never know.

Somebody that is experiencing these errors:
Notice: Undefined index: script_categories in
/www/secure/horde/ingo/templates/menu/menu.inc on line 16
...should remove their old 'filters' pref in ingo and start over again, and
see if this error goes away.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu]
The University of Colorado at Boulder

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