[ingo] does ingo support sieve with starttls yet?

Ben Poliakoff benp at imap.reed.edu
Tue Jun 17 09:34:28 PDT 2003

Quoting Mike Cochrane <mike at graftonhall.co.nz>:

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> > So I'll ask once more, is there any chance that ingo will become capable
> > of doing STARTTLS with a timsieved server?
> >
> Ingo uses PEAR's Net_Sieve class to do all the conntections. Net_Seive
> currently
> doesn't have a maintainer so don't expect any changes, in the immediate
> future,
> to the way it works.
> If you are able to patch the Net_Seive class to support it, I'm sure we can
> find
> someone to commit the patch.
> - Mike :-)

Thanks Mike,

I may have someone around here who might be able to work on such a patch...


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