[ingo] Ingo Filters

Rodolfo segleaur at mechanus.org
Wed Jun 18 20:49:54 PDT 2003

hey guys, i updated to the latest cvs versions of ingo and imp. I used to the
built-in filter functions from imp, but since the migration, i recreated all
the filter in ingo, set the driver to null using the imap, and now they don't
work. From last week, til Monday of this week, the 16th, the filters in ingo
worked - but since Monday, they haven't. I've been checking the code and I'm
not sure what broke it - i now click on the filter icon in the mailbox view,
and it just refreshes the mailbox, not applying any filters. Any ideas why this
is happening?

help, guys! i'm getting swamped with about 700 emails in my inbox...



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