[ingo] feature request for virtual hosting

tinu at humbapa.ch tinu at humbapa.ch
Tue Jun 24 01:51:09 PDT 2003

hi all,

I have the following virtual host setup:


when a user logs in via ftp the servers chroot to:
the user has no access to _mail/ and _mysql/

the .procmailrc file:

I would like to configure the ingo-backend like:
$backends['vfs'] = array(
    'driver' => 'vfs',
    'preferred' => '',
    'script' => 'procmail',
    'hordeauth' => 'full',
    'params' => array('procmailrc' => '$domain/_mail/$username/.procmailrc',
                      'vfstype' => 'ftp',
                      'hostspec' => 'localhost',
                      'port' => 21,
                      'user' => 'horde',
                      'pass' => '*****'));

ingo logs in via a general ftp-user (horde)
the variables $domain and $username specify the path
to .procmailrc

martin luethi

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