[ingo] Re: Ingo Filters

Rodolfo segleaur at mechanus.org
Mon Jul 7 22:02:19 PDT 2003

Michael M Slusarz said something about Re: [ingo] Re: Ingo Filters on
 Mon, 07 Jul 2003 :

 | This is completely inaccurate, at least for the imap driver (you never
 | mentioned which driver you were using, but your previous message indicated
 | you were using the 'imap' driver).  My whitelist is empty and active, and i
 | filter mail just fine.  There was a problem a while back that if your
 | whitelist input was empty, it would save a blank email to the whitelist, so
 | this may be causing your problems.  Solution: clear out your ingo 'rules'
 | preference.

whoa, michael - easy; i'm just stating what worked for me. if this isn't the
intention of the application - i have no way of knowing.
i deleted all ingo related records from the table before i re-downloaded the cvs
tree two days ago, but maybe it's just a freak on my machine.
i am using the imap driver with imap-2000c as the actual daemon. all i know is
that even with the updated cvs and recreating the ingo rules, if my whitelist
is empty - it won't work.



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