[ingo] filters not saving

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Wed Aug 6 13:08:51 PDT 2003

Hello Folks

I am just starting to play with Ingo and have found that although
everything appears to function correctly (no errors), past entries are not

What I mean by this is, I will put an entry in the whitelist and save it,
this generates a .procmailrc file (good show), now I will put another
entry in and save it, this overwrites the previous .procmailrc file
completely. Now, it doesn't matter whether I put entries in the blacklist
or the whitelist, only the most recent saved entry will appear in the
.procmailrc file and all past entries are now gone.

Here's the versions of stuff I'm running:

      Horde: 2.2.3 
      IMP: 3.2.1 
      Forwards: 2.2 
      Vacation: 2.2 
      Ingo: 0.1-cvs (run Ingo tests) 

Thanks for your help

Rick Noble

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