[ingo] Fwd: Re: Deleting filters (from faq@horde.org)

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Fri Aug 8 07:54:35 PDT 2003

Quoting Eric Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu>:

| This message was sent to faq at horde.org.  Basically he wants:
| 1) Easy way to delete all filters.

Not available.

| 2) Way to filter based on language (in some cases just a header filter).

Using ingo HEAD, filter by Content-Type - specifically, the charset="foo"
parameter of Content-Type, where foo is the language/charset you want to

| 3) Way to filter on words in a subject line or body (should exist).

This is is Ingo HEAD and in IMP since 3.0.


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|  Subject: Re: Deleting filters
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| Hi Eric
| thanks for your prompt reply. I tried out your suggestion and
| saw that there is indeed a delete function, right at the bottom,
| where I had not looked before. My problem now is that I had
| apparently set 400 filters a few years back, and I find I can only
| mark one at a time... This will take some time. Is there a way
| to mark them all? Or, more than one?
| As for future filter possibilities, what would be handy is to be
| able to exclude messages in another script; I get a lot of what
| I think are Korean supermarket ads, in a weird script. Also, if
| one could exclude some subject words. I know this is dangerous
| but if I could keep out messages with the word "penis" or "inches",
| that would get rid of a lot already, and I never get real messages
| with these words in the subject.
| [...]
| Dieter
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| Dieter Britz           http://www.chem.au.dk/~db
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