[ingo] Ingo

Horde Mailing List horde at pris.ca
Thu Aug 14 12:35:49 PDT 2003


Is there a version of Ingo that will work with Horde 2.24

I know that if I get the HEAD version of Horde the HEAD version of Ingo
will work but it is my understanding that HEAD versions are not stable and
should not be used in a production enviroment.

I am currently running RELENG_1 of Ingo which is the only version that
works with Horde 2.24, however it overwrites previous .procmailrc entries
rather then appending to it.

I really want to get Horde, Imp, and Ingo running together however I am
getting very frustrated at all the different versions and releases and the
1/2 answers that I am getting from people.

Please please please, can someone please give me a straight answer so I
know whether to continue trying to get these three components working
together or whether I can just drop it and move on.

Thank you


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