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Hi, I tried to send this to the Ingo list - I guess it bounced as I am
not a subscriber to the list. Could you pass it on to the correct
person, or if you can let me know the correct person, I'll e-mail them.

Thanks in advance
Mark Wilkinson

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Subject: Patches for Net_Sieve & Ingo

Hi to the maintainers of both Net_Sieve from PEAR and Ingo from Horde

Please excuse this being posted to both the maintainers of the Net_Sieve
package and the Horde Ingo mailing list, It may be of use to other's on
the Horde mailing list who are trying to setup a similar system.

I've recently been setting up a demo system where I work using the
latest cvs version of horde and a Cyrus IMAP server.

We want to run the Cyrus IMAP server in the multi-system murder type
setup, allowing the ability of multiple imap/pop3/sieve servers.

With Cyrus in this configuration, everything with the exception of
timsieved has a proxy program that communicates with the backend
mailstore, whereas the timsieved  responses with a 'BYE (REFERRAL
"back.end.host")' message.

This caused a problem in the Net_Sieve package (v 0.8.1) not recognising
the 'BYE' response from the sieve daemon and a secondary problem with
the Ingo timsieve driver not knowing how to handle a referral to a
different system.

The two patches I've attached fix these problems, hopefully in a
sensible manner (well, they work nicely on my demo systems :-)

For Net_Sieve, the _getResponse function is patched to raise an error
and return the referral hostname.

For Timsieve driver, the setActiveScript function is patched to retry
using the referred to hostname.

Mark Wilkinson
Operations System Admin
2PM Technologies Ltd.

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Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
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