[ingo] FW: Patches for Net_Sieve & Ingo

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Fri Sep 26 09:27:34 PDT 2003

Hi list,

I too have a patch for Net_Sieve and Ingo.  My patch to Ingo actually
depend on the one to Net_Sieve.  I can see the included patch return
PEAR::Error when it receive a REFERRAL.  My patch actually follow the
referral and retry the command.  It also add support for CRAM-MD5 and
DIGEST-MD5 SASL mechanism, and "proxy" authentication support when using
PLAIN or DIGEST-MD5.  All three of these feature are capital if you plan
on using Net_Sieve with timsieved in a Cyrus Murder (cluster)
environment.  My patch to Ingo make use of these feature to make it

I had been trying since July to get this patch accepted in the
mainstream PEAR release of Net_Sieve so I can submit my patch to Ingo.  
The problem is that both maintainer of Net_Sieve do not respond to my 
repeated email.  Apparently, Richard Heyes is gone for a few months 
(Navy assignement, it seem), while Damian Sosa just don't answer his 

I tried twice to bring up this issue in the PEAR-dev mailing list, but
received very little help.  This week-end, I will post the issue to
bugs.php.net and retry the PEAR-dev list.  I think both Jan and Chuck
are active on this list.  If this is the case and you have any leverage
among PEAR commiter, please back me up guys!  I think the new feature I 
have to offer to Ingo are worthwhile addition : proxy authentication 
support, timsieved + Murder support and safe SASL mechanism support.

I neglected to follow-up by posting my patch on bugs.php.net, but will
need to close this issue ASAP so I will get back to it in the coming

In the meantime, if anybody is interested in my patch to Net_Sieve,
manifest yourself and I will either send you the patch privately or post
it on this list if enough people show interest.

Thank you all.

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 11:51:40AM -0400, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
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> Hi, I tried to send this to the Ingo list - I guess it bounced as I am
> not a subscriber to the list. Could you pass it on to the correct
> person, or if you can let me know the correct person, I'll e-mail them.
> Thanks in advance
> Mark Wilkinson
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> Subject: Patches for Net_Sieve & Ingo
> Hi to the maintainers of both Net_Sieve from PEAR and Ingo from Horde
> Please excuse this being posted to both the maintainers of the Net_Sieve
> package and the Horde Ingo mailing list, It may be of use to other's on
> the Horde mailing list who are trying to setup a similar system.
> I've recently been setting up a demo system where I work using the
> latest cvs version of horde and a Cyrus IMAP server.
> We want to run the Cyrus IMAP server in the multi-system murder type
> setup, allowing the ability of multiple imap/pop3/sieve servers.
> With Cyrus in this configuration, everything with the exception of
> timsieved has a proxy program that communicates with the backend
> mailstore, whereas the timsieved  responses with a 'BYE (REFERRAL
> "back.end.host")' message.
> This caused a problem in the Net_Sieve package (v 0.8.1) not recognising
> the 'BYE' response from the sieve daemon and a secondary problem with
> the Ingo timsieve driver not knowing how to handle a referral to a
> different system.
> The two patches I've attached fix these problems, hopefully in a
> sensible manner (well, they work nicely on my demo systems :-)
> For Net_Sieve, the _getResponse function is patched to raise an error
> and return the referral hostname.
> For Timsieve driver, the setActiveScript function is patched to retry
> using the referred to hostname.
> Regards
> Mark Wilkinson
> Operations System Admin
> 2PM Technologies Ltd.
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> -chuck
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