[ingo] How best to enable a default sieve rule?

Ben Poliakoff benp at imap.reed.edu
Mon Sep 29 16:53:44 PDT 2003

Hello all,

We have a newish Horde/Imp/Ingo installation.  The imap server is

Ingo is a godsend in our environment.  Many thanks to all the developers
and testers!

Our incoming mail goes through spamassassin.  When we create a new imap
account we install a sieve script that stuffs spam into INBOX.spam if
spamassassin scores the message above a certain threshold.

The problem we're having is related to Ingo's storing the "canonical"
version of a user's sieve script in the preference database backend, not
the Imap/Sieve server.  So consquently, the first time a user uses Ingo
on our server they lose that spam filtering rule.

I'm trying to find the best way to prepopulate each user's "spam" rule
so that we don't have to tell the users how to construct a new one.

So there seem to be two approaches:

- create a new function in Ingo modelled after forward or vacation
  etc...  This rule constructor could make for a very simplified
  user interface, allowing a user to say "file likely spam into the spam
  folder" rather than saying "file mail with a spamassassin score of
  greater than 7 into the spam folder".

- just connect to the database when we configure a new user and add the
  necessary rules to the database backend

Has anyone else out there been faced with a similar problem?

I'm beginning to think the database method would be the easiest route to

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