[ingo] Can't save prefs

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Tue Oct 28 13:39:07 PST 2003

Hi all
I use Horde 2.2.4 with ingo RELENG_1.
I'm able to create rules and save it to sieve, but when i relogin all rules
seems to be disapeard even if they are still active.
In  the log i found:
HORDE [info] [ingo] Unable to modify preferences: [17] Undefined attribute type
[on line 479 of "/var/www/horde/lib/Prefs/ldap.php"]

Does ingo save the rules on the prefs ? what does I need to configure that this
is posssible ? I use LDAP to save my prefs.

i read in the doc:
" You must login to Horde as a Horde Administrator to finish the
   configuring of Ingo. Use the Horde "Administration" menu item to get
   to the Administration page, and then click on the "Configuration"
   icon to get the Configuration page.  "

I have no idea how i should do this ? does it exist in Horde 2.2.4 ?`
if not what should i do instead ?


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