[ingo] Horde_Util package was not found

Steffen Boehme Steffen at boemm.de
Wed Jun 2 15:47:41 PDT 2004


i've tried to install the ingo-project into my Horde-Framework, but 
there appears the following error-message, if i load the "ingo/test.php" 
- site in my browser:

The Horde_Util package was not found. If PHP's error_reporting setting 
is high enough, there should be error messages printed above that may 
help you in debugging the problem. If you are simply missing these 
files, then you need to get the framework module from Horde CVS, and 
install the packages in it with the install-packages.php script.

I think that the message appears if the lib/core.php - file isn't found 
and that's the thing ... this file dosn't exist in my 
horde2-installation ...

My versions are horde v2.2.3 and the ingo 1.0-ALPHA package on an 
I had installed the horde2-package as a debian-package and then 
installed the ingo-package with the newest!? *.tar.gz-package version 
from horde.org.

Have somebody a tip, whats going wrong?

Are the two version incompatible?
If so, which versions will work together?

Or have i to install one more (core?)-package?

The goal is to use the sieve-functionality from my cyrus-server ...

Thanks for your help ...


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