[ingo] Horde_Util package was not found

Brandon W. Uhlman brandon.uhlman at ssrlibrary.ca
Wed Jun 2 18:05:42 PDT 2004

Quoting Steffen Boehme <Steffen at boemm.de>:

> Hi,
> i've tried to install the ingo-project into my Horde-Framework, but
> there appears the following error-message, if i load the "ingo/test.php"
> - site in my browser:
> The Horde_Util package was not found. If PHP's error_reporting setting
> is high enough, there should be error messages printed above that may
> help you in debugging the problem. If you are simply missing these
> files, then you need to get the framework module from Horde CVS, and
> install the packages in it with the install-packages.php script.


> My versions are horde v2.2.3 and the ingo 1.0-ALPHA package on an
> debian-system
> I had installed the horde2-package as a debian-package and then
> installed the ingo-package with the newest!? *.tar.gz-package version
> from horde.org.

ingo-1.0-ALPHA requires horde-3.0-ALPHA. All modules in a particular Horde
install need to be from the same release series. For details, visit


Good luck,


Brandon W. Uhlman
Systems Administrator, South Shore Regional Library

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