[ingo] Importing scripts, again...

Roberto Leibman roberto at leibman.net
Thu Jun 17 09:47:18 PDT 2004

I've read the archives and the explanations for the missing 
functionality to import sieve scripts.
May I add my voice to those asking for that feature? I have fairly 
developed scripts for my users (not many, but still), plus quite some 
stuff in them pertaining to spam control (through spamassassin flags). 
It would be a pain in the neck to recreat them through a UI.
But short of importing sieve scripts, may I offer implementation 
alternatives to the ingo developers?
- Perhaps an alternative solution would be to somehow convince sieve to 
use TWO scripts instead of one
- Perhaps a way to merge the currently active sieve script with the ingo 
section, this would be awesome, because I could then provide the 
skeleton script for all users and then allow each one to customize their 
rules through ingo.

On a side question, I found it somewhat difficult to explain to my users 
the rule of moving an email to a mailbox, particularly because the 
mailboxes should look like "INBOX.Foldername". Confusing to users. May I 
- Changing the name of inboxes to folders, that's what the rest of IMP 
uses, and consistency would be better.
- Putting a drop-down with available IMAP folders instead of a text 
field, otherwise the whole of ingo is not as useful as it could be, and 
very error prone.

Thanks for the hard work, ingo makes the whole IMAP/Webmail stack much 
more complete!

Roberto Leibman
kontraux la stulteco la dioj mem batalas vane.

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