[ingo] Importing scripts, again...

Roberto Leibman roberto at leibman.net
Thu Jun 17 10:11:39 PDT 2004

Jan Schneider wrote:

> Zitat von Roberto Leibman <roberto at leibman.net>:
>> I've read the archives and the explanations for the missing
>> functionality to import sieve scripts.
>> Sigh...
>> May I add my voice to those asking for that feature? I have fairly
> You can ask as long as you like. If noone is writing the code to parse 
> sieve
> scripts into tokens, this won't happen.
>> developed scripts for my users (not many, but still), plus quite some
>> stuff in them pertaining to spam control (through spamassassin flags).
>> It would be a pain in the neck to recreat them through a UI.
>> But short of importing sieve scripts, may I offer implementation
>> alternatives to the ingo developers?
>> - Perhaps an alternative solution would be to somehow convince sieve to
>> use TWO scripts instead of one
> This is not possible, at least timsieved only allows for one active 
> script
> at a time.
>> - Perhaps a way to merge the currently active sieve script with the ingo
>> section, this would be awesome, because I could then provide the
>> skeleton script for all users and then allow each one to customize their
>> rules through ingo.
> This might be an interesting solution. But I remember vaguely that 
> this was
> discussed and dropped in the past regarding the procmail driver. Perhaps
> you'll find something in the archives.
Could it be a sieve only feature?

>> On a side question, I found it somewhat difficult to explain to my users
>> the rule of moving an email to a mailbox, particularly because the
>> mailboxes should look like "INBOX.Foldername". Confusing to users. May I
>> suggest:
>> - Changing the name of inboxes to folders, that's what the rest of IMP
>> uses, and consistency would be better.
> Huh?
>> - Putting a drop-down with available IMAP folders instead of a text
>> field, otherwise the whole of ingo is not as useful as it could be, and
>> very error prone.
> Such a list exist already, if you have IMP installed too.
Sorry I wasn't clear. On the filter rule screen, one of options in the 
drop down says "Deliver to this mailbox". I think it would be better if 
it said "Move to this folder".
To the right of the drop down there's a text box (or edit field, if you 
prefer). It would be nice if instead it was a drop down with the list of 
folders. You'd end up with something like:
<select name='action'>
    <option>Move to this folder</option>
<select name='actionvalue'>
    <option value='INBOX.foldername'>Foldername</option>

I hope that's clearer.

> Jan.
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