[ingo] Importing scripts, again...

Marcos Monge mmonge at satec.es
Thu Jun 17 10:59:09 PDT 2004

Roberto Leibman wrote:

> So, if I change the altnamespace in my imap configuration the drop 
> down will appear?
> My concern was not only with WHAT the user has to type (and I like 
> your solution a lot, believe me) but the fact that they have to type 
> something at all, when the list is easily available elsewhere in the 
> application and could be inserted as a drop down. 

If you want to hava drop down menu to choose the folder, you must 
activate this in:
$conf['rules']['usefolderapi'] = true;

This work at least with CVS version. Not sure about stable versions.

About the "inbox.subfolder" it's depends of you imap server, but you can 
play with this paramenter in:
    'folders' => 'INBOX.',
    'namespace' => 'INBOX.',

 From the comments in servers.php:
 * folders: The folder path for the IMAP server.
 *          Common values:
 *            UW-IMAP               'mail/'
 *            Cyrus, Courier-IMAP   'INBOX.' (note the trailing dot)
 *            dovecot               ''
 *          IMPORTANT: Use this only if you want to restrict users to this
 *          you want to restrict users to this subfolder. If you set this
 *          to 'INBOX.' with Cyrus or Courier-IMAP, then users will not
 *          be able to use any shared folders - nothing outside of 'INBOX.'
 *          will be visible (except INBOX, which is always visible). If you
 *          simply want to mask out the 'INBOX.' (or another) prefix for
 *          display purposes, use the 'namespace' attribute (see below).
 *          *** If you use this option, DO NOT SET 'namespace' ALSO! ***
 * namespace: This is where you put any paths that you want stripped out
 *            for presentation purposes (i.e. you don't want your users to
 *            have to know that their personal folders are actually
 *            subfolders of their INBOX). A common value for this with
 *            Cyrus/Courier-IMAP servers is 'INBOX.'.
 *            NOTE: If you have shared folders, using this may create
 *            confusion between shared folders and personal folders if users
 *            if users have folders with the same name as a shared folder.
 *            *** If you use this option, DO NOT SET 'folders' ALSO! ***

Hope this help you

Best regards

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