[ingo] forwarding in procmailrc

Markus F. Kraemer markus.kraemer at rz.uni-mannheim.de
Wed Jan 12 03:42:06 PST 2005

Hi List,

we are using Ingo H3 1.0 with a procmail backend for storing filter 
rules. When a user configures a forward with Ingo to a freemail account 
with limited filespace and this filespace is running out. The error 
notification from the freemail serviceprovider starts bouncing between 
the two hosts and our MTA (sendmail 8.13.0) doesn´t recognize the loop.
That means we have to manualy delete those queue files.
I tried to reproduce this with a .forward file but in this case our MTA 
is able to recognize the loop.

I know that is not a direct Ingo question but has anyone had the same 




Markus Kraemer

Rechenzentrum Universität Mannheim
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68161 Mannheim
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