[ingo] (no subject)

Christian Lawrence clawrence at optimiser.com
Wed Jan 12 18:57:23 PST 2005

Hi all.

I have a situation and am seeking advice on how to best proceed.

I need to introduce a new set of sieve rules into our environment for all our
users, which means I need to modify each user's sieve script.  Nothing like a
bit of shell script on the server to get things done.

Anyway, the problem is that Horde/Ingo maintains a cache of the user's previous
sieve script.  The next time a user modifies their filters using Horde, the
site-wide changes which I applied are overwritten, un-intentionally.  The user
never sees the rules I added prior to them make their change.

I can't leave it upto the users to make the necessary changes because it would
be just in-effective.  Likewise, logging into each account and using Horde/Ingo
to make the changes would be too laborious.

Is there a way to force Horde/Ingo to refresh its user cache from the sieve
script on the server?

Ideally, as a system administrator, I would like to force Horde/Ingo to update
rather than leave it up to the end-user to do - that way I know that all the
users are using the most up-to-date version of the sieve script, and the
changes they make to their filters won't unintentionally backout my changes.

Ideas?  Help?

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