[ingo] UI feedback from our helpdesk re: script activation mesgs

Liam Hoekenga liamr at umich.edu
Fri Jan 14 10:39:14 PST 2005

Our helpdesk has found the script activation messages confusing in certain
situations, specifically with messages that a script has been activated when
altering a disabled rule, or a blacklist / whitelist that's over it's maximum
number of entries.

Say you've set the blacklist so it can only have 5 entires.  When you try to add
the 6th entry, it gives the "too many entries" error, but then says "Script
successfully activated", which our helpdesk finds confusing / misleading.

Similarly, if you alter the search criterea on a disabled rule and save that
change, Ingo reports "Script successfully activated".

Is it possible to disable the script activation messages when altering a rule
that won't actually get pushed out to the server?  We're using the Sieve


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